Core Services

Core Services

At The Health Partnership, we strive to deliver solutions that will enable your healthcare organisation or facility to provide fit-for-purpose, safe, high quality, best practice and cost-effective care to its patients. Inherent in our approach is client engagement at every step so that our solutions are developed and delivered in partnership with them.

We provide expert and experienced-based solutions that may be employed by your healthcare organisation or facility to address the issues it encounters in today’s healthcare landscape. Our core services may be broadly categorised under the following five headings:

  1. Healthcare Strategy
  2. Healthcare Planning
  3. Healthcare Operational Transformation
  4. Infrastructure Investment & Development
  5. Business Case Development
  6. Project Management
  7. Workforce Planning

Our categorised services reflect the most common needs of a range of our clients, however, The Health Partnership can provide advisory support to any issue facing your healthcare organisation or facility. Do contact us should your particular healthcare issue not fall into one of the categories above.



Over a number of years we have worked with The Heath Partnership on a variety of projects located in Ireland, Europe, South America and the United States.  In every situation we, and our mutual clients, have been impressed by The Health Partnership's breadth and depth of experience and knowledge as well as its comprehensive approach to issues. In each project, The Health Partnership delivered thorough, helpful, relevant and actionable information to the client. I unreservedly recommend The Health Partnership.
Jerry Mansmann
Health Partnering UK and Florida, USA.