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Facility Planning

The Health Partnership can provide customized health planning and development solutions for your facility to improve its efficiency, cost-effectiveness and market share. We have extensive practical experience in facility planning and development, as well as project management.

Our team employs evidence-based processes and frameworks to ensure that the development of your healthcare facility meets the highest clinical standards, aligns with best practice, and is responsive to advances in healthcare technology and practice. We work in partnership with your facilities’ stakeholders to ensure that the project goals meet their needs and expectations. The facility solution that we deliver will be compliant with international healthcare building standards, e.g. Health Building Notes (HBNs), UK, or the FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, USA.

At The Health Partnership, we have extensive expertise in producing Project Briefs that incorporate:

  • The Design Brief 
  • Schedules of Accommodation
  • Operational Planning and Care Pathways
  • Equipment and ICT strategy and planning
  • Stakeholder Consultation Plan
  • Development of Patient Pathways and Hospital Operational Policies using ‘Lean Thinking’

We have extensive experience working as part of an integrated project team, delivering a health planning project right from concept through to, and including, commissioning.

Our facility development services also includes planning for capital construction projects, for example: coordination of multidisciplinary user meetings, facilitation of clinical process assessment, clarification of functional needs, working with principal architects to ensure that schematic designs are optimally laid out, review of drawings at key stages up to and throughout design development to ensure adherence to health building and best practice requirements and that the plans are fit for purpose.

In addition, we provide advice to construction project representatives and advise across all sectors, e.g. acute, long-term and primary care, on medical equipment planning requirements. These apply to major construction, refurbishments and expansion projects and establishing guidelines for medical equipment consultants. The Health Partnership’s approach includes ongoing consultations with our client, especially the clinical and operational stakeholders, providing direct support to facilitate the development programme.

Examples of our Health Facility Planning projects include