Infrastructure Investment & Development

Infrastructure Investment & Development

Developing service models and operational plans are the important first steps in achieving successful health service provision. Once these are in place, it is necessary to develop the facilities, medical equipment and ICT required to support the provision of services. THP has world-class expertise in all of these areas.


Health Infrastructure and Capital Development

THP helps clients in both the pubic and private sectors to develop and deliver optimal, Value for Money, investment plans through identification, specification, procurement, delivery and maintenance of the required infrastructure. THP has significant commercial expertise and market intelligence re the procurement of major investments, which ensures competitive tension and Value for Money results for clients, throughout the supply chain.


Infrastructure Finance and PPP Solutions

In many cases, the capital required by authorities or private entities to bring forward capital projects is not readily available. THP has extensive international expertise in solving this fundamental challenge through developing innovative and bankable financing solutions such as; project finance, forward funding, commercial lenders, institutional investment, equity and debt funds, capital market solutions, pharma, leasing and Public Private Partnerships (PPP). THP has significant expertise in PPP, having been involved in over USD 50 billion of PPP investment, in several geographical areas and across many sectors.



Funding can be provided by governments, health authorities and / or local authorities. In many cases, primarily in developing economies, whilst some funding is available, there are insufficient amounts to enable the project to be viable. To plug this gap, International Funding Institutions, or Multi-Lateral Banks can provide viability funding at attractive rates, in order to improve the risk profile of a project and enhance its credit rating, in order to make it bankable. THP has excellent access to such funders and this important source of capital.


Environmental Sustainability and Social Governance

THP has the requisite expertise to ensure that all developments comply with international best practise in relation to environmental protection and to maximise social returns for communities, as well as world class heath service provision and economic returns for investors.



Over a number of years we have worked with The Heath Partnership on a variety of projects located in Ireland, Europe, South America and the United States.  In every situation we, and our mutual clients, have been impressed by The Health Partnership's breadth and depth of experience and knowledge as well as its comprehensive approach to issues. In each project, The Health Partnership delivered thorough, helpful, relevant and actionable information to the client. I unreservedly recommend The Health Partnership.
Jerry Mansmann
Health Partnering UK and Florida, USA.