Construction workers working on scaffolding

National Infrastructure Building

The Health Partnership have developed tailored demand-driven training opportunities to strengthen the capacity of governmental agencies in preparation of a National Infrastructure Plan (NIP), sector specific Strategic Service Models and implementation programmes which are able to access capital and revenue funding to deliver priority infrastructure. The NIP sets out a nation’s investment priorities across all sectors of society for its infrastructure over an extended period of time. The aim of such a plan is to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits to a nation.

The Health Partnership have recognised that large volumes of infrastructure funds are of little value if the most vulnerable developing countries lack government staff capacity to design and assess infrastructure projects, access funds and/or implement the resulting projects. Given the huge capacity challenges faced by government agencies and practitioners, The Health Partnership have developed innovative capacity building initiatives that are focused and yet flexible enough to result in completed, sustainable projects that can attract international financing. This financing is usually provided by capital markets, commercial banks, and national or regional development banks through corporate balance sheet finance or access to project finance. The Health Partnership provide capacity training in this area.