Beacon Hospital

From 2002 to 2007, The Health Partnership was commissioned by the Beacon Medical Group for the development of the Beacon Hospital, in a project worth €220 million overall. During this time period, The Health Partnership was involved in the initial feasibility study right up to operational commissioning of the facility.

The Beacon Hospital was designed to support all acute services for all specialties, both elective and non-elective. The service profile focused particularly on specialities and services with an unmet need or lack of capacity in the local and national healthcare market. These included such services as radiation oncology and renal dialysis.

The facility comprises 214 inpatient beds, a dedicated day surgery unit, 8 operating theatres, an oncology centre, renal dialysis unit and Urgent Care Centre. The design incorporates a medical concourse with a dedicated medical consultation building. The imaging department is a GE reference site for Europe. The overall size of the facility is 280,000 square metres.

The Health Partnership Contribution 

The Health Partnership was responsible for:

  • The initial feasibility study to ensure the sustainability of the development. This included identification of services where existing capacity was lacking, a review of local demographics to support the proposed model and availability of appropriate medical specialty workforce.
  • Post-feasibility, we were engaged as part of the development of the business case to support financing of the hospital 
  • Developing the model of care for the hospital and individual specialties
  • Managing internal and external stakeholder consultations, e.g. with clinician, insurance providers and government agencies. 
  • Developing and managing a proforma profit and loss and projected cashflow based on projected activity and negotiated reimbursement rates. 
  • Developing the schedules of accommodation and functional design brief and service output specifications, based on an activity-based model. 
  • The role of client representative during the design phase, concept to final design.
  • Managing the selection process for the appointment of an International Hospital operator.
  • Managing equipment selection and price negotiation
  • The clinical commissioning process
Beacon Hospital