Location Study for new Acute Hospital in the North East

In 2008, The Health Partnership led a team of consultants (including Arup Consulting Engineers and York Health Economics Consortium) appointed by the Health Service Executive to recommend a location for a new regional hospital that would serve population needs in the North East Region of Ireland. The necessity of a new regional hospital in this area was prompted by the publication of a report entitled “Improving Safety and Achieving Better Standards – An Action Plan for Health Services in the North East” by Teamwork Management Services Ltd in 2006. This report identified the need for one regional hospital in this area with a population range of 300,000 to 500,000 people, with the existing five hospitals, primary and community care providers playing central roles in service provision.

The Health Partnership’s contribution

The Health Partnership conducted a study to identify the optimal location of the hospital which included:

  • Demographics trends and population mapping
  • Access by all transport means 
  • Planning and development issues
  • Interdependencies

Following detailed analysis and extensive stakeholder consultation, a number of possible locations were identified using an evidence-based assessment criteria and the optimal location was selected.

A full strategy report, recommendations and preferred site location was presented as part of this project to the Health Service Executive.


Location Study