New Children’s Hospital Project, Ireland

In 2008, The Health Partnership was appointed by the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board to assist with health planning services for the development of a New Children’s Hospital to serve the paediatric secondary care needs of the greater Dublin area and national tertiary paediatric need. The New Children’s Hospital project comprised the merging of three existing children’s hospitals in Dublin into a single facility, planned on the Mater Hospital campus at a value of €650 million and a size of 118,000 square metres.

The Health Partnership contribution

The Health Partnership was responsible for:

  • Conducting a strategic sectoral review
  • Conducting demographic profiling
  • Activity and capacity planning, informed by population projections, anticipated changes in disease profile and medical and technological advances
  • Benefits appraisal
  • Development of the project brief
  • Cost and revenue analysis for the business case
  • Development of the design brief
  • Development of the model of care framework and the hospital model of care
  • Development of the organisational and governance structures, a key issue due to the merging of three existing hospitals, each with their own distinct identity
  • Conducting stakeholder consultation across the three merging hospitals, which informed the operational and structural design of the new hospital, development of the model of care, the clinical output specifications of the design brief, and the transitional plan upon operational commissioning
  • Workforce planning
  • Development of operational policies
  • Equipment planning

On refusal of planning permission for the New Children’s Hospital at the Mater Hospital campus, The Health Partnership was then re-engaged in 2015 to develop a revised schedule of accommodation for the design brief for the new site at St James’s Hospital. Due to the detailed and robust approach taken by The Health Partnership, much of the clinical planning conducted for the location of the New Children’s Hospital at the Mater Hospital campus, was adapted for the new location at St. James’s following the decision to relocate.

New Children’s Hospital at the Mater Hospital campus