The Tbilisi Hospital Cluster

The Health Partnership was commissioned by the AlphaMedic Consortium in 2015 to assist in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) process with the Georgian Partnership Fund for the design, build, financing and operation of a tertiary level hospital facility. This new facility comprises the merging of three existing facilities (an adult hospital, a paediatric hospital, and a cancer centre) in Tbilisi, Georgia, and is intended to be operational in 2019. The value of the development is $450 million and its size is 65,000 metres squared. The development will serve national tertiary care needs as well as secondary paediatric care needs in Tbilisi.

The existing Republican Hospital in Tbilisi comprises a 90 bedded inpatient facility for adults. Admissions to the hospital are primarily emergency admissions with little or no elective activity. Current operations are provided in a section of the building that represents approximately 20% of its total available area. The main part of the hospital building is in ill repair and, with the exception of a renal dialysis unit, is not in operation. 

The Tbilisi Hospital Cluster Project comprises redevelopment of the Republican Hospital into a new 460 bed facility in the existing largely decommissioned building, alongside an additional new development. The new hospital will be a self-contained modern medical teaching facility, equipped with advanced medical technology, and designed to the most current UK National Health Service (NHS) Standards, Hospital Building Notes (HBN) and associated Health Technical memoranda.

The Health Partnership Contribution

The Health Partnership was responsible for:

  • Activity and capacity planning for the new hospital
  • Developing the Business Case including an operational pro forma with estimated project revenue and costs for the next 20 years
  • Developing the Schedules of Accommodation required to meet the capacity requirements
  • Developing the functional Design Brief and engaged with Keppie Architects, UK, in the development of a concept design
  • Developing a detailed transitional plan as this project involves the movement of two existing facilities onto a new site
  • Developing a commissioning plan for the new hospital
  • Developing the stakeholder consultation plan due to the multi-stakeholder nature of this project


The Tbilisi Hospital Cluster