Walsall Healthcare Clinical Services Strategy

The Walsall Healthcare National Health Service Trust provides local general and community services to approximately 260,000 people in Walsall and the surrounding area, United Kingdom. As part of the overall integrated business plan for the Trust, a clinical services strategy had to be developed in 2010. The strategy had to span a five-year timeline, provide detail of service provision of the Trust in acute and community settings, and provide an overview of future plans for services to be delivered by the Trust.

The Health Partnership’s contribution

The Health Partnership was responsible for:

  • Developing a structured and systematic approach to the collection and evaluation of data and information on 31 specialties (including templates for information gathering, analysis and review) concerning:
    • Demand and capacity data
    • Financial data
    • Quality metrics
    • Local population and demographics
    • Workforce data
    • Regional and national policy
  • Engaging with stakeholders and organising their input
  • Reviewing all services areas to determine whether the service should be grown, maintained or merged with another Trust
  • Developing the overall strategy in agreement with each service


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