Walsall Primary Care Trust Healthcare

The Walsall Healthcare National Health Service Trust provides local general and community services to approximately 260,000 people in Walsall and the surrounding area, United Kingdom, and falls under the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority. In 2011, the Strategic Health Authority requested that all Trusts in the region produce a report on their maternity and paediatric services, prompted by a proposal to consolidate these services in the region. The report had to include a detailed plan for the provision of maternity and paediatric services over a five-year period as well as justify the continuation of these services. The Walsall Teaching Primary Care Trust perceived it to be critical to justify continued provision of Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts Level 3 services, which were provided by the Walsall Trust at the time.

The Health Partnership’s contribution

The Health Partnership was responsible for:

  • Agreeing the scope of the services between the Trust and the Primary Care Trust
  • Facilitating meetings between the CEO of the Trust and the Commissioner for maternity and paediatric services to ensure agreement with respect to future plans and the maintenance of current service provision levels
  • Working with clinicians, midwives, nurses and managers within the hospital and Primary Care Trust to determine and validate future plans
  • Drafting and presenting a report detailing the plans


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