Whitfield Hospital

In 2005, The Health Partnership was commissioned by Eurocare International to support development of The Whitfield Hospital project, worth €85 million. This project involved an initial feasibility study followed by development of the Business Case. Following the decision to proceed with the project, The Health Partnership was responsible for selection of the project integrated design and construction teams. Throughout the project, The Health Partnership acted as the client (Eurocare) representative. 

The Whitfield Hospital Project was unique in that it provided the opportunity to develop a Radiation Oncology Centre for the South East of Ireland where, at the time, patients requiring this therapy traditionally travelled to Dublin, 120 kms from Waterford.

The newly developed Whitfield Hospital facility comprises 50 inpatient beds, a 25 bed ambulatory unit, a Radiation Oncology Centre, a Sport Surgery Centre and a state-of-the-art imaging centre including PET CT. The hospital opened in 2007 and is 20,000 square metres in size. 

The Radiation Oncology centre is operated as part of a Joint Venture with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre, Pittsburgh, USA.

The Health Partnership contribution

The Health Partnership was responsible for:

  • The initial feasibility study to ensure that the development was sustainable. This included a review of the potential uptake of cancer services locally and opportunities to provide services to the whole community through service level agreements with public service agencies
  • Post-feasibility, The Health Partnership was engaged as part of the business case development to support financing of the hospital 
  • Developing the model of care for the hospital and individual specialties 
  • Managing internal and external stakeholder consultations, e.g. with clinician, insurance providers and government agencies
  • Developing and managing a proforma profit and loss and projected cash flow based on projected activity and negotiated reimbursement rates
  • Developing the schedules of accommodation, functional design brief and service output specifications, based on an activity-based model
  • The role of client representative during the design phase, concept to final design
  • Managing the selection process for the appointment of an international hospital operator
  • Managing equipment selection, price negotiation and purchasing 
  • The clinical and operational commissioning process 
  • Preparation of standard operating procedures with staff and preparation for Joint Commission Accreditation of the facility
Whitfield Hospital