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Service Planning

Health service planning based on the health needs of the people who use the public/private health system is dynamic and usually future orientated. In planning such services, a medium- to long-term perspective is usually adopted by the supporting healthcare providers. 

Health services and strategies that meet the needs of the population are arranged in a complex configuration and occur across several levels of the public and private sectors, sometimes with evident cross-fertilisation through shared care. They include:

  • Focused health improvement for targeted populations
  • Increasing or changing demand for health services
    • specific geographical area
    • particular population group/type and age dependent 
    • specific clinical or service streams
  • Improved health service delivery models
  • Newer emerging trends in how various health services should be delivered
  • Introduction of new policy initiatives and directions

As part of our expertise, The Health Partnership offers a comprehensive range of service planning support that is responsive to these issues and includes:

  • Whole-system strategic healthcare planning 
  • Strategic service activity and capacity planning at both macro and micro levels
  • Extensive statistical analysis, best practice benchmarking, scenario planning and assumption building
  • Model of care development at national, hospital or service level
  • Development of operational policies to include service pathways development or restructuring
  • Review and/or development and evaluation of various service options
  • Strategic organisational change management
Examples of our Health Service Planning projects include