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Workforce Planning

A skilled and motivated workforce is key to the success of any healthcare organisation or facility. At The Health Partnership, we advise our clients on workforce planning, including succession planning and modelling for future requirements. The aim of healthcare workforce planning is to deliver a health workforce that meets the needs of the population it serves, i.e. is fit for purpose, whether it operates in the acute, community or the long-term setting. Fundamental to workforce planning is determining the Whole Time Equivalents (WTEs) and skill-mix required for each discipline (clinical and non-clinical). Workforce modelling forms a critical component of healthcare service planning, business case development, and capacity and facility planning.

At The Health Partnership, our assessment of health workforce need is based on the development of activity-driven demand and supply projections for future years, in line with agreed underlying assumptions and parameters. This is conducted for each healthcare discipline, which together, build up to the development of a workforce model. Furthermore, an assessment of the education, training and continuous professional development required for the workforce will be conducted as part of the workforce planning service. 

In addition, The Health Partnership can provide advice on the development of incentive strategies for the workforce, to include motivation and retention, as well as strategies to enable your healthcare organisation attract new talent. We can also assist in the planning and development of a performance monitoring and management system for your health workforce.